Equipment Programmable Corrosion Power Salt Spray Test Chamber

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: BOTO
Certification: ISO\GB\GJB\ATSM
Model Number: B-SST-160
Minimum Order Quantity: 1set
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: PLY-wooden case
Delivery Time: 18-25 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 2100set/month
Model: B-SST-160 Salt Spray Sedimentation Rate(ml/80cm2.h): 1~2ml/80cm2.h(Controllable)
Cabinet Material: Corrosion-resistant Polymer Material Internal Dim(cm): 160x100x50
External Dim(cm): 230x130x149 Saturated Air Pressure(kg/cm2): 0.8~2.0±0.01
Saturated Air Barrel Temp(℃): Saline Test Method:47±1℃/Corrosion Test Method:63±1℃ Laboratory Temperature(℃): Saline Test Method:35±1℃/Corrosion Test Method:50±1℃
PH Value: Saline Test Method:6.5~7.2/Corrosion Test Method:3.0~3.2 Power Source: AC:220V 50Hz
High Light:

Programmable Salt Spray Test Chamber


Corrosion Power Salt Spray Test Chamber


ASTM Salt Spray Test Chamber

ASTM Standard PVC Plastic Plate Salt spray Corrosion Test Chamber


Product description

This product is a salt spray corrosion test equipment which simulates the salt fog composed of tiny droplets containing salt in the atmosphere and disperses the oceanic climate. It is equipped with a high accuracy programming system which is easy to operate and learn. It is widely used in electrotechnics, electronics, automobiles, aviation, mobile communications, motorcycles, plastics, machinery and other parts, electronic components, metal surface plating and coating to accelerate the corrosion performance change, for the whole or protective layer salt spray corrosion test.



GB/T2423.17-2008,GB/T10587-2006,GJB150.11-1986,GJB150.9-1986,GB/T10125-1997,GB/T5170.8-1996,DIN50021,ISO1456-74,ISO3768-78,ISO9227,ASTM B117-73



It is mainly used in the research and development of national defense industry, aviation industry, automobile parts, electronic parts, plastic industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, and related products, as well as the test specification of quality management engineering.


Equipment Programmable Corrosion Power Salt Spray Test Chamber 0



1. Adopt automatic water filling system, when the water level is insufficient, it can automatically replenish the water level function, and the test will not be interrupted;
2. Precision glass nozzle diffuses evenly, falls naturally on the test piece, and guarantees no crystallization blocking;
3. The spray tower is equipped with cone-shaped disperser, which has the functions of guiding the fog, adjusting the fog quantity and evenly falling fog quantity.


Equipment Programmable Corrosion Power Salt Spray Test Chamber 1Equipment Programmable Corrosion Power Salt Spray Test Chamber 2



Model B-SST-60 B-SST-90 B-SST-120 B-SST-160 B-SST-200
Internal Dim(cm) 60x45x40 90x60x50 120x100x50 160x100x50 200x100x50
External Dim(cm) 108x63x119 140x80x139 178x120x149 230x130x149 270x130x159
Cabinet Material Corrosion-resistant polymer material
Laboratory Temperature(℃) Saline test method:35±1℃/Corrosion test method:50±1℃
Saturated air barrel temp(℃) Saline test method:47±1℃/Corrosion test method:63±1℃
Saturated air pressure(kg/cm2) 0.8~2.0±0.01
Salt spray sedimentation rate(ml/80cm2.h) 1~2ml/80cm2.h(Controllable)
PH value Saline test method:6.5~7.2/Corrosion test method:3.0~3.2
Power Source AC:220V 50Hz



A.The body material
1. The box body and inner liner are made of imported PVC high-strength corrosion-resistant plastic board, with smooth and smooth surface, aging resistance and corrosion resistance; Easy to clean, no leakage;

2. The box cover is made of imported PVC transparent plastic plate, which is easy to observe the test condition of the test samples during the test. The box cover and the box body are sealed with water, so as to prevent the leakage of salt spray.

3.The design of large salt water tank, to prevent the lack of salt water and interrupt the test;

4.Heating for tank heating and humidification, fast temperature rise, temperature and humidity distribution uniform;


Equipment Programmable Corrosion Power Salt Spray Test Chamber 3



B.Heating system

1.The test temperature in the box is water jacket heating and humidifying. The heater is made of U-shaped titanium alloy high-speed heating electric heating tube.
2.Fully independent system, does not affect the salt spray test and control circuit;
3.Temperature control output power are calculated by microcomputer, to achieve high precision and high efficiency of electricity benefits, low water level protection (prevent dry burning without water);

Equipment Programmable Corrosion Power Salt Spray Test Chamber 4


C.Spraying system

1.The spray adopts tower-type sprayer (the height of the spire can be adjusted), and four spray towers are placed in the box. Two salt spray towers and two water spray towers are crossed respectively.
2.Spray gas for two-stage pressure regulation, oil filtration, gas humidification preheating;
3.Atomized brine storage is built-in hidden type and storage capacity is large, brine is equipped with preheating function;
4.Quartz brine filter element is equipped before brine atomization to avoid the plug of impurities in the nozzle and stop the test;
5.All pipes in the test chamber are thickened fluorosilicone rubber pipes, which can be kept without aging and cracking in ten years.
6.Salt water tank with high and low water level display;


Equipment Programmable Corrosion Power Salt Spray Test Chamber 5Equipment Programmable Corrosion Power Salt Spray Test Chamber 6Equipment Programmable Corrosion Power Salt Spray Test Chamber 7


D.Control system

7-inch 260,000 color LCD hand touch screen.

1.7-inch TFT true color LED LCD touch screen interface
2.The program capacity can be up to 100 groups, each program can be freely linked to each other. Each program has multiple loop modes
3.24-bit high precision, full range of two decimal display, accurate, without correction
4.Support Chinese/English interface switching, support fixed value, program mode.
5.Support Chinese character input, input program name, and manufacturer information.


Different options


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