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Insufficient cooling of the test chamber results in damage to the compressor and motor

April 10, 2024

The compressor with large output power of high and low temperature test chamber is generally of return air cooling type. The lower the volatilization temperature is, the smaller the quality circulation of system software is. When the volatilization temperature is very low (beyond the manufacturer's requirements), the total flow is sufficient to cool the motor and the high and low temperature chamber motor will operate at higher temperatures. Evaporative cooling compressors (generally no more than 10HP) have little dependence on return air, but have clear provisions on compressor working temperature and cooling exhaust air volume.


A lot of refrigerant leakage will also lead to the reduction of system software quality flow, and the cooling of the motor will suffer harm. Some refrigerating equipment that is not guarded by anyone will usually find that the refrigerant in the high and low temperature test box leaks only when the actual effect of the refrigerating machine is very poor.


After the motor overtemperature occurs frequent maintenance, some customers do not deeply check the reason, so that the overload protector short circuit, after a long time, the high and low temperature test box motor burned.


Compressors often have safety operating load category, safety load is the key factor to consider the load and cooling of the compressor and motor.