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The main differences between uv aging box and xenon lamp aging box are known from four aspects

May 29, 2024

We usually say good aging test chamber is divided into a variety of, have a xenon lamp aging test chamber, ultraviolet aging test chamber, air aging test chamber, high temperature aging test chamber, ozone aging test chamber, today we're going to focus on to distinguish the ultraviolet aging test chamber and xenon lamp aging test box of uniqueness, in fact, can be summed up from four aspects:


1. Equipment structure

Rotary table: Uv chamber is not available, the sample is fixed, argon lamp chamber uses 360° rotation.

Refrigeration: no uv test chamber, xenon lamp test chamber has refrigeration unit, can control the temperature and humidity.


2. Spectrum of simulation is not the same

Xenon lamp: Full spectrum, close to the natural sunlight test, most closely simulate the natural full sunlight spectrum.

Ultraviolet: 313nm or 340nm wavelength segment, visible and infrared segment is very few, can most realistically simulate the spectrum of the short wavelength segment of the sun.


3. Aging test speed

Uv test chamber: fast

Xenon lamp test chamber: Slow


When choosing, we must look at the aging mechanism of the material. If it is required to do the formula test of the material, that is, the product has not been finalized, we should speed up the test process. And know that the aging effect of the product or material in the ultraviolet short-wave segment is greater, choose the ULTRAVIOLET aging test box, otherwise, choose the xenon lamp aging test box.


4. Function

Temperature: uv test chamber temperature range is not adjustable; Xenon lamp test chamber temperature is adjustable.

Humidity: uv test chamber humidity is not adjustable; Xenon lamp test chamber humidity is adjustable.