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About xenon arc radiation test.

December 29, 2022

The xenon arc radiation test is considered to simulate the full solar spectrum because it produces ultraviolet, visible and infrared light.
GB/T1865-1997(equivalent to IS011341:1994) describes this approach in detail. However, this method also has its limitations, that is, the stability of xenon arc light source and the complexity of test system. Xenon arc lighting sources must be filtered to reduce unwanted radiation. In order to achieve different irradiance distribution, there are many filter glass types to choose from. The choice of glass depends on the type of material being tested and its ultimate use. Changing the filter glass can change the type of short-wavelength UV light that passes through, thus changing the speed and type of damage the material suffers. Three types of filters are commonly used: daylight, window glass, and extended UV types.
Uv lamp irradiation aging test uses fluorescent UV lamp to simulate the destructive effect of sunlight on durable materials. This differs from the previously mentioned xenon arc lamps, which are electrically similar to ordinary cold fluorescent lamps for lighting, but produce more ultraviolet light than visible or infrared light.