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Electrical and electronic products environmental test constant humidity and heat test standard abstract

May 15, 2024

GB/T 2423.3-2006 "Environmental testing of electrical and electronic products -- Part 2: Test method -- Cab constant damp heat test"

IEC 60068-2-78:2001

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber test severity grade test duration, temperature, relative humidity test jointly determined. Unless specified in relevant specifications, the temperature and relative humidity of the test shall be selected from the following combination:


1, temperature: 30±2℃ Relative humidity: 93±3%RH


2, temperature: 30±2℃ relative humidity: 85±3%RH


3, temperature: 40±2℃ relative humidity: 93±3%RH


4, temperature: 40±2℃ relative humidity: 85±3%RH


5. Recommended duration: 12h, 16h, 24h, and 2, 4, 10, 21 or 56 days.


The temperature tolerance specified in this section is ±2K, taking into account the absolute alignment error during testing, temperature gradient and temperature difference in the working space. In order to maintain the relative humidity in the constant temperature and humidity test box within the specified tolerance range, it is necessary to keep the temperature difference between any two points in the constant temperature and humidity test box as small as possible at any time. If the temperature difference exceeds 1K, the required humidity conditions cannot be achieved. Short-term temperature fluctuations must also be kept within ±0.5K to maintain the required humidity conditions.