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Environmental Test Chamber And Environmental Test

May 29, 2024

The types of natural environmental factors and inducing environmental factors that exist on the earth's surface and in the atmospheric space are currently unable to calculate an exact number. Among them, there are no fewer than a dozen factors that have a greater impact on the use and life of engineering products (equipment). Engineers who are engaged in the research of environmental conditions of engineering products sort out the environmental conditions that exist in nature and the environmental conditions induced by human activities into a series of test standards and specifications to guide the environmental and reliability tests of engineering products. Such as guiding military products to conduct environmental tests GJB150-the People's Republic of China national military standard "Environmental Test Methods for Military Equipment", GB2423 guiding the environmental tests of electrical and electronic products-the People's Republic of China National Standard "Guide to Environmental Test Methods for Electrical and Electronic Products", etc. . Therefore, when we choose environmental and reliability test equipment, the main basis is the test specifications and test standards of engineering products.


Secondly, in order to standardize the tolerance of environmental test conditions in test equipment and ensure the control accuracy of environmental parameters, the national technical supervision agency and various industrial departments have also formulated a series of verification procedures for environmental test equipment and testing instruments. For example, the National Standard of the People's Republic of China GB5170 "Methods for the Verification of Basic Parameters of Environmental Testing Equipment for Electrical and Electronic Products", and JJG190-89 "Regulations for Trial Verification of Electric Vibration Test Bench Systems" promulgated and implemented by the State Technical Supervision Bureau. These verification procedures are also an important basis for selecting environmental and reliability test equipment. Test equipment that does not meet the requirements of these verification procedures is not allowed to be put into use.