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Failure prevention measures of cold and hot shock test chamber

April 10, 2024

Hot and cold shock test chamber is not lit. I understand that when the high and low temperature impact test box is applied, some of the light pipe points at that time are not bright, and some of the light points at that time are bright. All electronic ballasts are generally used in checking boxes. The wiring method of electronic ballasts is plug type. Therefore, some of the key points of the processing process at that time are not very good to solve the problem, so that there are insecure safety risks in the connection between the lamp pin and the electronic ballast. In the later application, problems such as voidality disconnection and looseness may occur.


Black on both sides of high and low temperature impact test chamber. This is tungsten as a result of the test chamber lamp mouth, its melting point is 3410 ℃, and when you light up the light tube, middle temperature from 2000 to 3000 ℃, the filament is not easy to melt, will shovel sublimation, tungsten steam hit wall thickness and the sublimation sublimation into solid tungsten, make its black, and hot and cold impact test chamber filament in the light pipe on both sides, therefore can only be black on both sides. High and low temperature impact test box just began to black, so it must be replaced. Therefore, in order to increase the service life of the light tube, please be careful to start and turn off the light tube frequently. According to the standard, the light tube does not have to be turned off for less than 3 hours after the lamp is lit.


Uv stainless steel sink rusts through. The stainless steel water tank in the test chamber is used to hold water for heating, simulating a natural environment of condenser at night.


Because stainless steel cistern is stainless steel processing, because this is when applying machine equipment, if use the person does not add the means of double steaming water according to the regulation to experiment, just add drinking water. In that way can cause in machine equipment application 3 years up and down, stainless steel tank will be due to water and water body is heated after the chemical material erosion, cause stainless steel tank corrosion, until stainless steel tank rust wear.


Stainless steel sink heating tubes are frequently removed and replaced. Because the double steam water is not applied in accordance with the provisions, the heating tube is permanently immersed in drinking water and high temperature drinking water.


It is well known that the heating tube is made of stainless steel tube filled with magnesium powder. Therefore, in the long-term heating work in drinking water, the stainless steel plate on the surface of the heating tube will be corroded and rust will appear.


Instrument panel repair rate is high. The instrument panel of the test chamber is all installed on the top of the machine and equipment, so there is a problem: In machinery and equipment to carry out heating work (sometimes an experiment for a few days, several weeks to nephew, laboratory temperature can reach 60 ℃) and some laboratory not installed air conditioning, and heat flux is also go up, so the dashboard will long-term damage by high temperature, moreover under high temperature and natural environment, the dashboard is very easy to appear abnormal.