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High and low temperature alternating damp heat flameproof test chamber for lithium battery

May 22, 2024


The instrument is suitable for high and low temperature reliability test of industrial products. Test the performance indexes of parts and materials of electronic and electrical products, motor vehicles, aerospace, ship weapons, colleges and universities, scientific research units and other related products under the condition of high and low temperature (alternating) cycle change.


Products have A wide range of temperature control, its performance indicators are up to the national standard GB10592-89 high and low temperature test box technical conditions, suitable for according to GB2423.1, GB2423.2 "Electrical and electronic products environmental test A: low temperature test method, test B: High temperature test method for low temperature, high temperature test and constant temperature test. Products conform to GB2423.1, GB2423.2, GJB150.3, GJB150.4, IEC, MIL standards.


Explosion-proof high and low temperature alternation humid heat test chamber is suitable for national defense industry, aerospace industry automation components, auto parts, ship parts, electronics, electrical components, plastics, chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and related products of heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance and research and development, quality management project test specifications.


Selection of battery flameproof test box

Flameproof type "B" explosion-proof form, refers to the flameproof shell into the parts that may produce sparks, arcs and dangerous temperatures, equipment internal space and the surrounding environment separated by the flameproof shell.


Intrinsically safe 'I' explosion-proof form is an intrinsically safe circuit in which all circuits inside the equipment are produced by any spark or any thermal effect which cannot ignite the specified explosive gas environment under the conditions specified in the standard.


Positive pressure type 'P' explosion-proof form, by keeping the protective gas pressure inside the equipment shell higher than the surrounding explosive environment pressure, in order to achieve the purpose of safety.


Increased safety type 'E' explosion-proof form refers to the use of some additional measures to make normal operating conditions do not produce arc, spark electrical equipment more safe.


Sand punching type 'Q' explosion-proof form is an electrical equipment protection type that fills the shell with sand grains or other specified properties of powder materials, so that the arc or high temperature generated in the shell can not ignite the surrounding explosive gas environment under specified conditions of use.


Pouring type 'M' explosion-proof type is the electrical parts that may trigger the spark, arc or dangerous temperature part of the explosive mixture explosion, poured in the pouring seal extrusion (compound), so that it can not ignite the surrounding explosive mixture.


Oil-immersed type "O" explosion-proof type is the whole equipment or equipment parts immersed in oil (protective fluid), so that it can not ignite above the surface or outside the shell of the explosive gas environment.


Dust explosion-proof electrical equipment is the use of limited shell temperature and the use of 'dust tight' or 'dust proof' shell to limit the entry of dust, in order to prevent combustible dust ignited.


[Flameproof structure]

The overall structure is a type, cooling and freezing system separated from the box.

Inner box material: SUS 304# mirror stainless steel plate

Outer box material: SUS 304# stainless steel plate/special anti-rust treatment cold rolled plate spray paint