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High and low temperature test chamber wet environment to do material damage experiment

January 8, 2024

One of the key advantages of the high and low temperature test chamber is that it can simulate the damage effect of raw materials in the realistic outdoor wet and cold natural environment. When raw materials are placed outdoors, it has been investigated that they are frequently subjected to dampness and cooling at least 12 hours a day. Since most of this kind of dampness and cooling effect is mainly manifested as condensation, a unique basic principle of condenser is selected to imitate outdoor dampness and cooling in the accelerated artificial service weathering test.


The time for raw materials to return to moisture outdoors is generally very long, so the typical cycle system condenser system software should have at least 4h experimental time. The whole process of condenser is carried out under the heating standard (50℃), which will greatly accelerate the damage rate of wet and cold to raw materials. The condenser circulation system carried out under the long-term heating standard can reproduce the situation of raw materials polluted by the wet and cold environment more reasonably than other methods such as water self-spraying, preleaching and other natural environment with high environmental humidity.


The temperature difference can make the water continuously drop to the detected surface in the whole process of the condenser circulation system. The resulting condensed water is smooth and pure water. High and low temperature test chamber this kind of water can improve the reproducibility of test results to remove water residue environmental pollution problems and simplify the installation and practical operation of Shanghai high and low temperature test chamber. In such a condenser circulation system, the stainless steel tank at the bottom of the test chamber is heated to create steam. The natural environment of the hot steam maintenance test chamber has 100% air humidity outside the high temperature. In the design of the UV ultraviolet embrittlement characteristic tester, the test plate actually constitutes the outer wall of the test chamber. The reverse side of the test plate is exposed to indoor air quality at indoor temperature. The water cooling effect of indoor air quality reduces the surface temperature of the test board to be measured by several jin compared with the steam temperature.