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How does the salt spray test chamber work?

January 15, 2024

How does the salt spray test chamber work?   


    The salt spray test machine is also called the salt spray test box, the full name is the salt spray test machine, which is mainly used to test the corrosion resistance of the sample. At present, it is widely used in the aerospace industry, automotive electronics, electronics and electrical engineering, mobile phone digital, plastic products, metal materials and other industries to test its corrosion resistance. It also simulates natural conditions or working conditions to understand the performance of each sample Temperature conditions. The current salt spray test chamber has developed from pure neutral salt spray test into acetic acid salt spray test, copper salt accelerated acetic acid salt spray test and alternating salt spray test. my country has also adopted the salt spray test as a national standard, and detailed regulations have been made.


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    The working principle of the salt spray test chamber is relatively simple. It mainly compresses the corrosive solution into an air spray, sprays the sample, and wraps the spray on all sides of the sample as much as possible. This test can be performed continuously or cyclically until the sample is corroded. , And then record the corrosion time as the corrosion resistance of the sample. The longer the time, the better the corrosion resistance of the sample.

Generally, the corrosion solution in the salt spray test chamber is mainly 5% sodium chloride solution or 0.26 grams of copper chloride per liter added to the sodium chloride solution as the salt spray corrosion solution. In addition, the salt spray test chamber can independently control the sedimentation volume and spray volume of the salt spray to ensure a constant test temperature, convenient operation and a stable test environment. Therefore, it is often used to test the corrosion resistance of daily necessities or industrial products.

The test box can reach any temperature point from room temperature to 47℃ in the test working space, and keep it constant. Conduct salt spray corrosion tests on materials or products in a cabinet with a specified volume under constant temperature and relative humidity. The material used to manufacture this equipment is imported corrosion-resistant PVC plastic sheet, which does not react with salt-containing solutions or acidic salt-containing solutions, and does not affect the test results. In the design of this equipment, the internal and external pressures are balanced, and the salt mist settles freely in the box and can be adjusted to the range specified by the national standard.