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How To Accurately Calibrate The High And Low Temperature Test Chamber?

March 20, 2024

1. Calibration under no-load conditions: The advantages of this method are: the entire working area of the high and low temperature test chamber is calibrated, and the test sample does not need to be recalibrated when the test sample becomes more. It can be effective for the applicability of the high and low temperature test chamber. evaluation of. Its main disadvantage is that it cannot evaluate the impact of the test sample on the test chamber.


2. Calibration under load conditions: The advantage of this method is that it can more accurately assess the impact of the test sample on the performance of the test chamber, and it is easy to obtain detailed information about the environmental test of the key components or parts of the test sample. And its main disadvantage is: when the test sample is replaced, it needs to be re-calibrated.


3. Real-time measurement during use: This method not only has the advantages of the methods described in 1 and 2, but also can obtain comprehensive environmental parameters of the test sample during the environmental test process, which is often used in product tests with high environmental requirements. When used. Its main disadvantage is: each environmental test requires the use of measuring equipment, and the calibration method under no-load conditions is usually used in the calibration of the test chamber. In order to facilitate the evaluation of the temperature performance of the test chamber, this method is also used for analysis.