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Structure and function of ultraviolet aging test chamber

April 24, 2024

Architectural coatings of plastic raw materials, such as brittle radiation source, the key reason is climate and the sun for many manufacturing producers, anti-aging properties and light fastness is critical, these two elements could immediately decision manufacturers of goods, so the testing goods aging performance way and the machinery and equipment is applied widely development and design, In the derivation of two kinds of experimental methods: natural exposure test and artificial service to speed up the aging test, because of the limitations of nature exposure test, now the application of the most common way is to speed up the aging test, artificial service and product research and development of laboratory equipment is ultraviolet aging test chamber and xenon lamp aging test chamber.


Ultraviolet aging test chamber is used to detect many commodities, which are more sensitive to the long wavelength of ultraviolet light, visible light and infrared induction. According to the relevant control board of the machine equipment to simulate the sun exposure, high temperature and wet cold to carry out the aging test.


However, ultraviolet aging test chamber can not simulate the full spectrometer natural light. Its basic principle is that, for the exposure of high-quality and cheap raw materials in the outdoor, ultraviolet short wave segment of 300~400 nm is the key reason for the embrittlement harm, in the short wave region of ultraviolet light, that is, from 365 nm to the lowest band of natural light, ultraviolet aging test box can be very good simulation of natural light, It's going to be powerless against longer absorbance.


The ultraviolet aging test box manufactured by our factory uses two kinds of light tubes to carry out experiments, uVA-340 and UVB types of light tubes. Uva-340 light tubes are easy to simulate the ultraviolet short wave segment of natural light, and the spectrometer kinetic energy spread (SPD) is in the range of about 360 nm after the end of natural light, which is in good agreement with the solar spectrum. Uv-b type tubes are also marketed for use in UV aging test chambers. They cause faster material embrittlement than UV-A tubes, but their shorter absorbance measurements than natural light cutoff point will result in unrealistic results for many materials. Therefore, we usually propose to choose UVA-340 ultraviolet lamp (imported domestic customers can choose) to carry out aging test.


The way of the experiment depends on the experiment must, Haoytixin prompts customers to choose the machine and equipment should be based on the tested goods or raw materials, the ultimate use of standards and cost budget to select suitable experimental equipment.


Attachment: uv lamp and fluorescent tube difference


Ultraviolet lamp is the use of low pressure mercury water vapor caused by 254nm and 185nm uv light, but the shell of quartz glass, and the glass shell without luminous powder, such as ultraviolet sterilization tube is to use uv light immediately remove bacteria. Therefore, it comes out of the light source for ultraviolet, in addition to bacteria that is to use 254nm, 185nm absorbance uv light. That is to say, everyone's UVA-340 light tube with ultraviolet aging test chamber experiment, that is to say, the selection of 340nm absorbance uv light as the lamp source to accelerate the embrittlement. The light they emit is supposed to be invisible ultraviolet light, but for safety reasons, some manufacturing industries using ultraviolet light are still made into purple-colored products, used for warning and safety protection.


Fluorescent tube is the bottom pressure mercury lamp, such as solar lamp, LED energy-saving lamp, this is the use of low pressure mercury water vapor in the whole process of charging and discharging radiation source UV light, water vapor key to 254nm and 185nm uv light, and noctilucent powder emitting invisible light, and it belongs to the low pressure electric light charging and discharging lamp source. Visible from the fluorescent tube light system, the luminous powder plays a leading role to the character of the fluorescent tubes, fluorescent tubes, led energy saving lighting tube chosen is general glass, uv light can not come out, be noctilucent powder after digestion and absorption from visible light, it's in the light the light source is not visible outside the pipe, and ring is "uv", are sometimes called "uv fluorescent tube", The root cause is the use of uv light excitation.


Therefore, they both use low-pressure mercury water vapor as a source of ultraviolet light during the charging and discharging process, and their main uses are different simply because of the different methods of penetrating the shell.