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Table type constant temperature and humidity test chamber dry bulb temperature test method

December 29, 2023

Table type constant temperature and humidity test chamber dry bulb temperature measurement method, but also effective temperature sensor immediate test method: control and display information operation panel selection of temperature and humidity separation alone and temperature and humidity composition control board and other methods.


In addition to proper operation according to the safe operation rules, the staff should also have a certain grasp of its structure. The humidity and heat test chamber for high and low temperature test is composed of shell, air breathing system, refrigeration unit, heating system software and humidity control system software. The wind respiratory system generally chooses the structure that can adjust the direction of exhaust air. Humidifier system software has two kinds of industrial boiler humidifier and surface volatilization.


Cooling, dehumidification system software uses air conditioning load refrigerator structure: heating system software uses electric heating fin heating and electric furnace wire immediate heating two structures. Temperature and humidity measurement method to choose dry table constant temperature and humidity test box should also consider whether the common failure in the refrigeration unit, so we also need to ask the manufacturer's professional and technical maintenance.


High and low temperature test instrument ultra-low temperature not experiment on parameter values, then you also observed the change of temperature is the temperature drop speed is slow, or the temperature to a certain value, the development trend of temperatures have warmed in front of a check, before the ultra-low temperature experiment is dry workshop, make the workshop keep dry mania will try experiments into work again after doing the experiment again inside the room, The experimental samples in the room at work are not placed too much, so that the wind in the room at work can not be sufficient circulation system, after the removal of the reason, the latter one is the application of the natural environment of the machine and equipment is not triggered, the working temperature of the machine and equipment is placed, The position of placement (after the shell and the wall spacing) should meet the requirements (in the actual operation of the machine and equipment instructions are often required).


Table constant temperature and humidity test box or power supply water purity will make the test gauze hardened, so that the gauze can not absorb water and dry, if the test gauze can be removed or cleaned, the above situation can be removed.

Latter condition is the key of humidifier system software does not work, the query humidifier system software of direct drinking water system, direct drinking water system has certain water flow inside, desktop constant temperature and humidity test chamber in sp experiment, appear in fact environmental humidity will be 100% or environmental humidity and overall target environment humidity are actually quite big, many values that are lower, A kind of situation will be in front of the dry bulb temperature controller on medical gauze dry mania, that will examine the dry bulb temperature controller is stainless steel water tank in the water lack, stainless steel sink in the water level is composed of a water level controller of automatic control system, check the power supply is normal, direct drinking water level controller system is water level controller work is normal or not.


Another will be that the dry bulb temperature medical gauze because of the long application time, the water level control of the humidifier industrial boiler water level is normal, the water level in the humidifier industrial boiler is normal. If the above are normal, it should also check the automatic control system of household appliances, which should be repaired by the staff of the maintenance center.