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Why do you use a rain test box for your product?

May 15, 2024

The rain test box is used to test the sealing characteristics of the commercial case. It is mainly based on IP5X and IP6X test standards to simulate the natural environment of sandstorm encountered in the whole process of manufacturing, transportation and storage of goods, so as to detect the safety protection characteristics of the chassis.


What is the role of the rain test box?


At the bottom of the rain test box, high-quality Fuma moving wheel is selected, which is convenient for customers to move equipment. It has a 270 degree rotary pipe and an omnidirectional rotary rod sprinkler. This product is suitable for external lighting and data signal equipment and small car lamp shell maintenance. Shell structure and cover shell material selection of high-quality stainless steel plate hair solution, inner material selection of stainless steel plate clean plate.


Large-scale visible glass sliding door is conducive to observing the situation of the tested products in the testing room. Test sheet with adjustable rate. The box is suitable for the maintenance of external lighting and data signal equipment and small car lamp shell. It is a necessary testing instrument for airlines, cars, household appliances, scientific research and other industries. Key equipment: storage tank, centrifugal water pump, step-down separation equipment, pressure gauge, steam flow meter, nozzle total, swing tube rotation driver organization, operation table rotation organization, automatic control system of electrical equipment, toughened glass door, laminated glass wiper, speed drop organization, etc.


The development trend of rain test chamber technology is specialization, flexible production, integration, intelligent system. The development trend is the guarantee measures from the smooth operation of the main parameters of the processing technology to the manipulation of high quality star as the index value. Control measures from simulation feedback regulation development trend to large digital open loop transfer function predictive control. From the traditional manual time constant controller, PID controller and all kinds of start-and-stop equipment, the development trend to the large digital controller and response controller composed of micro organization.


The rain test box is used to simulate the temperature test of lighting lamps, electrical components, cars and parts in order to test the characteristics of goods. Of course, with the promotion of industrial products in the natural environment sales market, the rain test box is also one of the key detection equipment in the natural environment testing equipment. If the cleaning of the inner box is not timely or the machine and equipment are idle for a long period of time, the next application of artificial service rain test box, the swinging sprinkler pipe will be blocked, it is difficult to avoid, that is, to clean up regularly to keep clean and hygienic.